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With all the advantages your company stands to gain with Teer1—enhanced recruiting and retention, public relations opportunities, employee development, brand extension, motivation and pride, and communication between personnel—the ROI is considerable.

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Whether you currently have a volunteering program in place or you’re pondering the idea of getting started, you’ll find that giving back is one of the most satisfying business decisions you’ll make.

Of course, the more planning you do up front, the more successful your results will be. Teer1 is just one tactical piece of the overall picture. On a broader scale, you’ll also want to think about branding your program, setting parameters for participation, identifying recruiting and retention goals—and many other issues that we can guide you through. 

And now for the biggest surprise. Our subscription-based model can cost you less per week per employee than the spare change rolling around your desk drawer. Not bad for a program that offers so much for your company, your employees and your community.

Getting started is easy. In fact, you can be up and running on the platform within 90 days. For your free consultation contact us today.